Friday, April 8, 2011

"Idol" thoughts

By Mike Ullery

Chief Photographer

I was given some advice many years ago about a difference between men and

women. This sage advice has never proven itself more than in the past two


What was the advice? Women, I was told, when faced with an important

decision, are far more likely to react based on emotion than on reality.

That does not mean that the females of our species are not capable of

basing a decision on facts, just that they are more likely to react


The next issue is that while most everyone who enjoys music knows what

they like best, few are even remotely qualified to really and truly judge


I have seen no figures to support my theory, but am willing to bet that

the following is factual. Far more females than males cast votes for their

favorites on American Idol.

There is no doubt that the remaining finalists on American Idol 2011 are,

far and away, the most talented group in the history of the show, but when

it comes down to it, only one can be the next American Idol.

From the time that the finalists were announced, I told my wife that Paul

would be relatively safe. While his voice is unique, and I am sure that he

is a nice guy, his singing is not even in the same league with a few of

the other contestants. Not to mention that he dances like a guy with

electrodes attached to his private parts. Sorry ladies, but he just

doesn’t cut it. The problem is that women vote for him because they think

he is cute.

Sorry, all of you Paul fans, but I consider him the weakest of the

remaining contestants.

Let’s see, what is another female-type emotion? Ah, yes … jealousy. Ah,

come on now, we all know how women can be. Face it, Pia is cute. Heck, she

is downright good looking. Many women are jealous of other women. Why, you

ask? Heck, if I actually understood women …

So, it is time to vote. On one hand, you have a decent-looking guy who

sings, well, okay, but the word “unique” seems to best describe his voice.

While dancing, or at least moving with the music is not a deal breaker on

Idol, one would think that it should be included in the judgment of

overall performance. Just come right out and say it, Paul couldn’t do the

hokey-pokey and look comfortable.

On the other hand, you have Pia. Okay, she hasn’t exactly looked like a

contender for Dancing with the Stars, but from the moment she tried out

for Idol, I have yet to hear one, that’s right, one, missed note. She is

in a league all her own among female performers this year.

The same tonal accuracy can be said about a couple of the male singers,

but Pia was the only female that was … perfect, vocally. Yet, the women of

America voted her off the show.

What does all of this mean? What is the moral of my opinions?

Quite simply, it means that, if American Idol is really and truly a talent

competition meant to identify the best of the best in a given season, then

the decision should not, repeat not, be left up to “America.”

Some of the changes made by Idol producers prior to this season have

breathed new life into the show. Steven Tyler and Jennifer Lopez joining

Randy are the best group of judges in the history of the program. Idol was

set to get its second wind and look at another ten years.

I know that the audience participation thing is popular. What a fitting

word … popular. For Idol has turned into a popularity contest with teeny

boppers voting hundreds of times … for what? Are they voting for the most

talented singer? No, they are voting for the cutest guy.

“America” has taken all of the legitimacy out of American Idol. If you

want legitimate, take the voting out of “America’s” hand and put it back

into the hands of people who know the business.

Like that is really going to happen. After all, this is America, where

ratings and selling ads are always far more important than truth and accuracy.

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