Friday, August 19, 2011

Ohio Governor the reincarnation of Darth Vader?

As we head into the final months of 2011, I am beginning to our Buckeye State in a different light.
I believe that we live in part of a galaxy far, far away.

I’ve come to that conclusion that our governor is an incarnation of the evil Darth Vader.

First of all, my apologies to Vader. In spite of all of your evilness, I must give you credit. At least you were honest about your evil intentions. I am sorry to mention your name in the same vein as the evil John Kasich, who is proving to be as much a liar as he is evil.

Kasich built his version of the death star and named it Senate Bill 5. Just as Vader preyed on innocent societies, our governor is looking to kill off professional teachers, firefighters and police officers. His plan is to drive them out of Ohio by making it impossible for them to negotiate fair contracts with the Emperor.

Our governor’s latest magic act, to pretend that he is a fair and reasonable ruler who wishes to sit down and discuss SB5, now that it is firmly a ballot issue in November, is nothing more than a flat out lie to Ohioans.

Kasich has seen the light. Only, the light is the glow of our own Rebel Alliance as we close ranks to foil his latest treachery.

It is time to let our governor and his minions, (I will not use the metaphor “storm troopers” as I do not wish to imply that our Ohio Highway Patrol troopers, for whom I have a very high regard, are anything less than a first class organization,) know that Ohioans will not put up with his Darth Vader tactics.

He, and a few others, are attempting to make our firefighters, police officers and teachers look like the bad guys in this saga. They just want a fair shake.

I doubt you will find anyone in the above-mentioned groups who will disagree that changes need to be made in the way that we spend money. They just don’t want to be the innocent folks on some distant planet that Vader disintegrates with his laser blaster just to make a point.

Changes need to be made. Cuts need to be made. I fear that unless the first change is the removal of our own Darth Vader and his evil empire, it could spell the death of Ohio as we know it.

We must stop Darth Kasich from carrying out his personal vendetta against hard-working professional who have dedicated their lives to teaching and serving others.

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