Thursday, December 15, 2011

Feds attempt at cell phone ban about stealing our tax dollars, not safety

I doubt that anyone has not heard about the call by our federal government this week to ban the use of cell phones while driving.

It is not hard to see that this fight is only beginning.

Keep in mind that the government will not ban the use of cell phones. They will make a recommendation to state governments, leaving the final decision to individual states. The feds, in their own quaint little way, are only suggesting the ban. Oh, they say, but if you decide not to follow the recommendation, the state will not get billions of dollars in highway money.

The word “blackmail” comes to mind.

Don’t get me wrong, I do believe that texting while driving should be illegal. I believe that a law should be in place stating that if you were engaged in a phone conversation and are involved in a crash that is your fault, an extra charge should be applied for neglect. I believe that people should keep mobile phone use to a minimum while driving.

I would even attempt to find a way to get hands-free devices into use for everyone who uses a cell phone in a car.

The bottom line though, is that this is one more case of our federal government sticking their nose into something that is a) none of their business, and b) nearly unenforceable.

Lawmakers in Washington must be proud of themselves over this one. They get to look like good guys, concerned for the safety of the motoring public while pulling yet another slimy scheme to withhold our own tax dollars from state coffers.

Congress has turned into a bunch of thugs, preying on Americans by stealing their tax dollars. We pay taxes on everything we see and do while our congressmen look for ways to put that money to use, at best, for their own pet project and, at worst, into their own greedy pockets.

I believe that this legislation on banning the use of cell phones while driving is an attempt to do the right thing for the wrong reasons.

I expect that the automobile manufacturers will put up a fight over this, as well as cell phone companies. Both have been working for years to integrate all of this new technology into our driving “experience.” Now, the feds are looking to make motorists take a two-decade step backward.

I wonder if the government complained when AM car radios began to appear as accessories early in the 20th century. I doubt it. The corruption of our federal government was not quite so prevalent in those days.

Let us hope that the government does not pass this legislation. In itself, it is just one more way that Big Brother is controlling our lives.

Factored in with all of the other rights-grabbing policies that have been, and are continuing to be, thrown about in recent years, it is one more bar in the cell of the prison our government seems to be building around us as our formerly inalienable rights are grabbed away.

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