Friday, February 24, 2012

Americans need to put America first.

Kodak. Appleton Paper. United States Postal Service. Proctor and Gamble.

President Barack Obama and his cronies have been crowing in recent months about economic recovery. Obama claims that Americans are going back to work and the new jobs are being created.

Yet, the companies listed above have all announced significant reductions in their workforce. Thousands of jobs will be gone, probably forever. These announcements occurred in just one week.

American jobs are disappearing at an alarming rate yet our president has the nerve to tell us that the job market is looking brighter. Something is definitely wrong with the picture that Obama is painting. Now that presidential elections are looming, don’t expect the rhetoric to get any more truthful.

There is no doubt that changes in technology are responsible for some of the shift in the American job market. Union greed has spelled the downfall of a large number of manufacturing jobs in our country. The saddest part of the whole situation is not that the large corporations, like our auto manufacturers, have priced themselves out of business, but rather the hundreds, if not thousands of subcontractors to those types of companies who have been forced out of business by foreign outsourcing. In order for a General Motors, or Ford, to continue to afford the ridiculous pay scale for union workers, not to mention the salaries of arrogant and greedy executives, they claim to have no option but to outsource parts jobs to out-of-country manufacturers who pay pennies per day wages.

What I am saying is that, while the president may be lying through his teeth to us about the job market, much of the blame for America’s employment issues falls on the shoulders of large corporations. Corporate greed in America is nothing new but I fear that a “perfect storm” is developing as jobs evaporate, corporate giants become more greedy, and politicians who are more interested in their own careers than those whom they represent fight amongst themselves and continue to sell us out at every turn.

I am beginning to believe that the answer is, do the same thing that saved lives in pioneer days. We must “circle the wagons” of America. Forget much of this “global economy” stuff. We obviously must continue to work with, and trade with other countries, but we need to develop an attitude of looking out for “number one.” We have spent decades “kissing up” to other countries, around the world.

We need to bring our troops home and concentrate on our own issues. A side benefit would be that our cowardly president would no longer feel the need to issue an apology to foreign groups who just murdered soldiers, but we will save that for another time.

The time has come for Americans to worry about America. The rest of the world seems content to see us fall. We know that they are not going to help us. We have spent too many decades trying to appease everyone else. Our government has offered up our hard-earned money to every Tom, Dick and Harry excuse for a foreign program while our own people starve, cannot find work and are unable to pay bills, partially due to our being taxed and mandated to death by our own government. We can’t pay for our schools. We can’t fund our highways and bridges. The list goes on.

I’m sorry to all of you bleeding-heart liberals but we must stop worrying about who is starving in Africa, and every other corner of the world. We need help at home. It is time for our tax dollars to go to work for us, not be sent to an impoverished country.

We better start watching out for ourselves because no one else is going to lift a finger to help.

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