Friday, January 18, 2013

Our friends and neighbors need help, please pitch in!

By Mike Ullery
Chief Photographer

One of the things that I hear most often when someone offers an opinion as to what they would like to read in our paper, is a comment to the effect, "I would like to see more good news printed in your paper."

Unfortunately, a majority of news stories seem to be about someone running afoul of the law or a tragedy of some sort.

Most of us who work or live in and around Piqua, have heard directly, or indirectly, about several area residents who are undergoing life-changing health issues. We have run stories related to three of these.

Local resident and highly-talented musician Bob Comstock recently suffered multiple strokes which have left him facing challenges as he fights to regain speech and mobility. Dylan Blair and Mickayla Nelson are two local children who are fighting serious cases of cancer. I am certain there are other area residents who are, or who have family members, facing serious health issues, as well.

These stories would certainly fall into the "bad news" category.

We, as friends, neighbors or relatives of these troubled families have an opportunity to put a good-news label on each of these stories.

There are fund-raising events and benefits on tap and available for Bob, Dylan and  Mickaya — and, of course, their families.

We have all faced a realization from time to time, that when we are feeling sorry for ourselves or our situation, we don't have to look far to find someone whose situation is more dire than our own.

I urge everyone to take some time out of your busy schedule to participate and donate to these people who need not only our support, but also our continued prayers, as they and their families fight to overcome adversity that many of us could never know.

I attended the annual Piqua Area Chamber of Commerce meeting this week. Awards were given to several worthy residents. I was struck by the fact that Piqua is full of people who are not afraid to give back to their community.

If ever there was a time to give back, now is that time. Our community is like family. When one person is in genuine need of support, we can all pitch in a little to help relieve some of the stress.

I don't believe that anyone is asking for a huge sacrifice on anyone's part. All they are asking is that we all pitch in to help some friends who could use a helping hand at this time.

Information on all three of our neighbors-in-need is available on Facebook.

A benefit, Do It for Dylan, is being held today at the Bradford Community Club, 154 1/2 N. Miami Street, in Bradford.

Next Saturday, a event to help offset expenses for Bob Comstock is being held at the Covington Eagles.

For continuing efforts to assist Mickayla Nelson, go to Prayers for Mickayla of Facebook.

We are bombarded with television adds to save everything from dogs to earthworms. I doubt that a nickel out of every dollar donated ever finds its way to actually assist as intended.

Here is a chance to help — locally. Here is an opportunity to do something good for your neighbors.

And no matter if you can attend or donate, I hope that we all take some time each day to pray Bob, for Dyan and for Mickayla ... and for all who could use a little intervention from Above.

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