Friday, February 22, 2013

Sinclair staffer in huff over sign, proves she is not fit for such a position

By Mike Ullery
Chief Photographer

I was recently made aware of an issue that took place late last year at Sinclair Community College in Dayton.

Multiple stories from December, 2012 state that a construction project on the Sinclair campus was halted ... are you ready for this ... because the female Manager of Construction and Planning for the college was offended by signs that stated: Men Working

Never mind that it was an all-male construction crew. Never mind that stopping a construction project for a personal rant was wasting taxpayer dollars.

Elizabeth Verzi holds the position of Manager of Construction and Planning at the school.

One would think that someone in such a responsible position would care first that work is completed on schedule and budget, that construction quality is above quality standards and the job was done with safety in mind.

Instead, this woman is concerned about a sign? Or, should I say "this person"? I wouldn't want to be politically incorrect and offend someone.

According to a story published in Breitbart, and written by Lee Stranahan, J-Crane, Inc. owner, Jack Stull, whose company was the target of Verzi's tirade, wrote a letter that he would continue work but would not replace the sign. "I'm through with appeasing, I'm tired of political correctness, and I'm no longer fearful of their media or their lawsuits," Stull allegedly said.

Miss/Mrs. Verzi allegedly told a J-Crane foreman, "The sign is sexist and its not up for discussion." Really?

My thought on this is, lady, you work for a community college. Your job is to represent the school, not your own bias and corrupt opinion.

If this is the way that Verzi goes about her job, Sinclair should show her the sidewalk.

The Breitbart News story referred to a statement made by Sinclair. Adam Murka, Director of Public Information for the school, allegedly told the news staff member, "While it may not have been necessary to stop work, Sinclair stands by its commitment to providing an environment that  inclusive and non-discriminatory."

Now that sounds to me like a lot of public relations wimpy non-information.

All of this politically correct crap has cost countless millions of dollars over the decades. And, for what? So that someone doesn't get their feelings hurt? Awwww. Poor babies.

This sort of stuff is one of the contributing reasons why America has become nothing more than a laughing stock to others around the world.

In the grand scheme of things, just how important is it that a sign is gender sensitive on a construction site? Are passers-by going to use caution around male workers and then run over a female construction worker just because a sign was not gender-accurate?

When did common sense cease to be a desired characteristic in America?

I have a news flash for everyone — while no one likes getting their feelings hurt and everyone loves to feel recognized, getting your toes stepped on or your ego bruised occasionally will not hurt you. It might even make you stronger.

I can pretty much guarantee that if you work hard and are a consistent example of someone who gives a 100 % effort at work, you will not have the time or desire to worry about some stupid sign. I would also bet that with enough hard work, someone might make that sign include you if you show that you deserve it.

Should we all be sensitive to what we say and to whom? Absolutely. Can legislating and demanding that we do the right thing really make us more sensitive to issues? Not in a thousand years. All it does is create more hard feelings and cost more money.

To me, this begs the question, why does Miss/Mrs. Verzi still have a job at Sinclair? And, if she does, why would anyone want to attend a college that seemingly puts so little emphasis on what is truly right, instead of what some some left-wing feminist wants to push for her own political agenda?

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